Utilizing Polylines, Bunches, Pieces, Layers and Xref’s viably will assist you to work rapidly along with your drawings records. Working this way will moreover go a few way to anticipating your AutoCAD DWG records getting to be bloated or corrupt. If you’ve been working on a record for a few time, and you’ve taken note AutoCAD abating down, then it may be worth doing a bit of a cleanup to assist thin that drawing record down. 
This could also be essential when managing with records from clients, providers or contractors. I’ve recorded a couple of instruments and tips underneath that may assist you put a bit of zip back into a drowsy DWG.
Back up some time recently you mess up! As continuously, spare a duplicate of your generation DWG records some time recently you mess around with them 🙂 This can be especially critical on the off chance that you’re working with a third party drawing. Go simple on explodes If you receive a drawing from a third party, don’t be tempted to blow up all their pieces. 
This may be an extremely awful thought. In case there’s more than one duplicate of each square within the drawing at that point the pieces will really be sparing memory. If you suspect a piece is causing a issue, duplicate it out into a blank file and detonated it. At that point take after the counsel underneath on the modern record. 
Carefully revamp the square and at that point supplant or re-define the square within the original drawing. Be truly, truly cautious that you just don’t detonate a energetic piece. The energetic properties of the piece will not be able to resolve themselves and this may degenerate your DWG..
Erase unused geometry If you would like to form a alter to your drawing, It can be enticing to copy the ancient detail to one side ‘just in case’. This can be all extra information that AutoCAD has to oversee. In the event that you conclusion up with a part of pointless, ancient or out-dated geometry, make an file duplicate of the AutoCAD DWG record and erase your middle of the road work from your working DWG file. 
Note: A speedy way to erase all superfluous objects from your drawing record is to hit CTRL+A (select all), at that point hold down the Move key while de-selecting what you want to keep. presently hit erase. Poof! All unused information will be gone 😉 Find Imperceptible objects There are a number of objects that can be affecting your DWG’s record measure – that aren’t continuously unmistakable. 
This seem incorporate empty text strings, focuses and pieces that contain as it were imperceptible attributes. To choose up focuses, sort ‘DDPTYPE’ at the command line to alter the measure and fashion of focuses in your drawing. You’ll presently erase what you don’t need.
Purge AutoCAD’s Cleanse command will permit you to clear out information from your AutoCAD file’s database that isn’t portion of the drawing. For case, indeed in case you have got erased all duplicates of a piece out of a drawing, it’s definition will still be within the drawing’s database. Typically the same for Explanation styles. Remember to check the ‘Purge settled objects’ box to clear out settled piece references. AutoCAD 2010 has the convenient choice to clear out purge content and zero length lines. AutoCAD 2012 incorporates the choice to cleanse purge groups. 
Application menu > Drawing Utilities Board > Purge Command passage: cleanse
Audit AutoCAD’s ‘AUDIT’ command reviews the drawing file’s database for blunders. Sort ‘AUDIT’ at the command line, Sort ‘Y’ to settle mistakes and at that point hit the F2 key to see what AutoCAD has done to your record. Spare your record some time recently you run the cleanse command again. You may ought to run the Purge – spare and Review – spare commands many times to totally optimize your file. 
Recover The recuperate command may be a small just like the ‘AUDIT’ command – as it were you run it some time recently you open the issue drawing. To use the recoup command, go to the application menu (The Big Ruddy A) and select, Drawing utilities > Recoup. 
You’ll be incited to choose a file. Note: This can be one of the few things in you’ll be able do in AutoCAD without a drawing open already. The record will be Examined, and at that point opened in AutoCAD.

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